Picture of me

Hi, I'm Neall

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I deeply value:

  1. Unconstrained exploration of ideas in pursuit of truth
  2. Creation of beauty for its own sake
  3. Aspirations of human flourishing in a post-scarcity world

Interests of mine include software, economics, urbanism, meditation, music festivals, cross-country road trips, building communities, and meeting new people (DMs open — say hello!)

My ideal learning cycle is meant to feel as natural as breathing: inhale (by reading and listening), exhale (by speaking and writing). I've found 'exhaling' to be indispensable in the learning process — verbalization produces structured thought, exposes inconsistencies and assumptions, and shortens iteration cycles in refining ideas.

I was most recently employed as a software engineer at Twitter.

Topics I find endlessly fascinating

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Writing and code can be found below