Hi, I'm Neall

I deeply value:

  • The power of markets and positive-sum exchange
  • Artistic expression and the creation of beauty for its own sake
  • The unconstrained exploration of ideas and pursuit of truth
  • Aspirations of human flourishing in a post-scarcity world

Interests of mine include software, economics, urbanism, meditation, hiking, EDM festivals, cross-country road trips, attempting to build communities, and meeting new people (DMs open— say hello!)

My ideal learning cycle is meant to feel as natural as breathing— inhale (by reading and listening), exhale (by speaking and writing). I've found 'exhaling' to be indispensable in the learning process – verbalization produces structured thought, exposes inconsistencies and assumptions, and shortens iteration cycles in refining ideas.

I'm currently employed as a software engineer at Twitter.

If you're curious, come see what's growing in my garden